miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016

Donating kilometres and healthy challenge!

Doing sport is okay, everybody knows that moving ourselves we become helthier, stronger and we live more and better. But, what happen when you mix sport and assisting people? That's great! The satisfaction is double; you get over your own goals while you are helping. And that's iwopi: donate kilometers in order to improve somone's life, I've donated 10'2 km to a educational project. I've choosen that option because, for me, education is a basic necessity to the general society. With no education, the world won't be better.

I’ve donated 7,44 km to a child operate room in Haiti because is a shame the life's conditions that those children have and if I can contribute with anything releated to childhood, I’ll do it. This kilometres are from the great evening of cycling that I had with Marisabel, from a hiking rout that I did in Cazorla this weekend (it was a shame that my mobile turned off in the middle of the way L) and from a walk that I did on Tuesday.


This are some of the routs I have done.

And some photos of the senderism route:

And my healthy challenge! 

My mate Marisabel challenged me to do min plank for 3 minutes... It has been very hard.

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